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From "Brian M. Kelley" <>
Subject cvs task - BufferedReader code in
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2000 23:55:47 GMT
  Hey all. I apologize if this is a huge letter, but I need all the space
  to specify our problem. In using the cvs task in our build.xml, I've ran
  into a curious annoyance, having to do with the cvs login command. So, we
  have in our build file something like:

  <!-- Slurp the native link/runtime libraries and headers from the CVS
       repository on poe; login first. -->

  Upon ant's execution of the cvs login command, we get:

      [Cvs] (Logging in to

  and we sit and wait for an eternity, _hoping_ to see:

      [Cvs] CVS Password:

  but we never do, until we hit carriage-return. I traced this back
  to some code in :

      public void pumpStream()
          throws IOException
          byte[] buf = new byte[BUFFER_SIZE];
          if (!endOfStream) {
              String line = din.readLine();

              if (line != null) {
                  outputLog(line, messageLevel);
              } else {
                  endOfStream = true;

  The deal is that 'cvs login', with a CVSROOT that points to a pserver,
  (i.e. CVSROOT=:pserver:local@poe:/mycvs/dir) does an 'interactive' login,
  one that prompts for a password with the string:

    CVS Password:

  with _no_ newline. Thus, when the output stream of the process that is
  executing the cvs command is 'pumped' (i.e., the code fragment above
  is ran through), din.readLine() is hoping to read a string that ends with
  a newline or carriage-return linefeed (which the cvs interactive login
  prompt does not contain). Thus, we don't see the interactive prompt
  until we hit our carriage-return (thus not inputting a password for
  cvs to validate us, making 'cvs login' fail). Of course, we could just
  realize that we don't have to wait for the password prompt, type in
  our password, hit enter, and go on our merry way. This doesn't seem
  to be the best behavior for a cvs login, though.

  Any workarounds (I've tried a few with no success)? Will there be a fix
  for this? Am I completely off base? I read in the code that jCVS might be
  used in the future; How far away from that point are we now?

  I apologize if this subject has come up before and I wasn't around to
  hear about it. :)


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