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From "Niklas Mehner" <>
Subject Bug/Question
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 21:58:59 GMT
First : I'm very happy using ant, it's a very great tool ! :)

Second : There are two minor problems I currently have :

- the rmic task does not check the date of the stub-files created. 
This means it compiles them every time, which results in jar-files 
beeing created, when they don't have to, which consumes a lot of 

- when including something like :

<rmic classname="org.j3de.ui.impl.DefaultContainer$RemoteContainer" 
base="${build.classes}" />  

in the build-file I get the error-message :

error: Class org.j3de.ui.impl.DefaultContainerRemoteContainer not 
1 error

The $-sign is removed somewhere. Is there a escape-sequence to 
include the $-sign is classnames ?

Since I'm new to this mailing-list I don't know who is responsible 
for/working on the code ... if there currently nobody working on 
these things I'd work through the code and post the changes !?


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