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From Jason Hunter <>
Subject Fixing taskdef (was Re: Feedback on first uses of Ant)
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 18:39:50 GMT
> Taskdefs are great, we would have been really stuck without them. Some of
> our projects have their own taskdefs which need to be maintained. The
> trouble is when it comes using Ant itself to build recently modified taskdef
> code. 

Funny you should write this, I was just going to post about a similar
problem we're having in JDOM.  We have need for a custom task.  We have
the source code for the task checked in to our tree, and it may be
modified from time to time.  Now, what I would like is to have our build
compile the task, then later use the compiled version of the task.  This
allows us to check-in only the .java file, not a corresponding .class
file or .jar file.  That is a Good Thing.

The problem is that Ant attempts to load the custom task during the
parse phase, so of course it doesn't find it.  Looking at the source we see Anil (akv) moved the execute() code into
init() with a note asking if that's the right thing to do.  To me it
seems like it isn't.  Any objects to my moving it back?  Anil, was there
a reason you moved the code earlier?

Malcolm, does this help solve your problem?


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