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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: When are you guys going to slow down ;-)
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 15:31:19 GMT
Just a nit... I still see references to "moo.jar"
in the ant shell script for unix, and "xml.jar"
in both the shell script and ant.bat batch file.

I've NEVER seen 'moo.jar' anywhere, so I always
remove if from the shell script. jaxp.jar and parser.jar
replace "xml.jar" (as I understand it) so
shouldn't xml.jar also be removed from these

Conor MacNeill wrote:
> My list
> 1. New versions of bootstrap/build/ant (I have the NT version just about
> done - Unix soon)
> 2. ejb task for WL 5.1
> 3. documentation for optional.ejb tasks
> 4. VSS task if Stefan doesn't get there first
> 5. Better win98 support

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