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From Dino Valente <>
Subject Re: Questions
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2000 15:48:21 GMT
At 04:31 PM 7/24/00 +0200, you wrote:
>>>>>> "DV" == Dino Valente <> writes:
> DV> Another quick question: have there been any thought towards
> DV> looping through a list to perform common actions.
>There have been. 
>The general line is "don't make Ant a second make/Perl/(insert your
>favorite Moloch that started well thought and became what it is by
>adding features over features)".
>We agree that Ant should not become a programming language whose
>syntax looks like XML - quite the opposite. In your build files
>explain what to do and in the tasks decide how to do it. Use as little
>logic in Ant's core as possible and make the tasks as smart as they
>can get.

I agree that Ant should not be exactly like make/etc. I knew this would be
an issue but
I had to ask.

>In the particular case of loops Carlos Pita (I hope you haven't turned
>away already, Carlos) has proposed something he called NestingTasks
>(search in the archive if you are interested). His ideas would need a
>modification of Ant's core.
>I'm still not sure if I like the idea and don't know what the other
>commiters think (of his proposal that is, while I think I know their
>opinions on loops in general).

Well you have to examine on how people are using Ant. Ant IS a replacement
for make. I was finding myself repeating the same thing again and again
which could easily be replaced with a simple loop.

>Oh and yes, you can have loops, just write a task to do the loop. You
>can even write that task in your favorite scripting language using the
><script> task - it just might take a little research to find out
>how. I know this might not be /that/ convenient.

Fair enough. That's another I really like about Ant: if you don't have the
task then write it yourself!


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