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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Jikes problems
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2000 04:29:07 GMT
At 01:16  25/7/00 +1000, you wrote:
>I am having a few problems with Jikes and ant.  When I compile my code
using the
>classic compiler all is well.  When trying jikes it complains about missing
>classes.  When I compile for the second time the compile errors go away.
>Is this a problem with jikes or ant?

depends on what version of ant/jdk/jikes you are running. Jikes will not by
default add, rt.jar or any of extensions jars into classpath.
To fix this you need to manually place them in classpath. However I believe
a recent version of ant will automatically add (for jdk1.1) or
rt.jar (for jdk1.2+) to classpath if you are using jikes.  Older jikes may
also have "features"



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