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From "Winkley, Dennis x66244" <>
Subject RE: no response?? RE: building . . .
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 17:08:36 GMT
:) thanx I was beginning to wonder if anyone even saw my message...

> I have a problem with your goal of not wanting to do clean builds from
> scratch.  The issue is that you can get bitten big time by 
> incompatible
> changes made to source modules.  For example, if you add a 
> new method to a
> Java interface and compile it, the only thing that will be 
> compiled then is
> the interface -- not any classes that implement it.  You 
> won't find out
> about that kind of problem until the first time your app 
> tries to load that
> particular class, when you get an ugly exception.
> As I work on Tomcat, for example, my morning routine always starts:
>     * cvs update -dP
>     * ./ clean
>     * ./ all
> to ensure that these kinds of issues get caught.  (In fact, 
> our project rule
> is that you have to do a clean build before you can even 
> check anything
> in.)  Thus, the way Ant currently deals with modification 
> checking is fine
> by me.
> Craig McClanahan

just curious, if you ant reached the point that it handled the dependencies
so that you never had the problem mentioned above, wouldn't you want to be
able to do builds without a clean?  I'm guessing Tomcat probably takes more
time than my project and ours takes 15 minutes to do a full build (may not
seem like much but it adds up when it's done each day).

my next question would be even if it isn't something that you would use,
would you be okay with it added as an optional setting?


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