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From "Vitaly Stulsky" <>
Subject Re: Release?
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2000 15:27:23 GMT

> are we ready for a release or is there still something missing that
> really must be included?

My opinion - to release ANT will be huge step forward.

> I'd propose to call it *1.1* since many people refer to the version
> that shipped with Tomcat 3.1 as Ant 1.0.8 - so 1.0 might be
> misleading.

Agreed. 1.1 sounds very good and also may be it will be good to mark
builds of this version.

> while it works the other way around so the release should probably be
> compiled using 1.2 (or later?).

1.3 will be good.

> How about the optional tasks? Are we going to distribute a version
> with all optional tasks compiled in - did the version that shipped
> with Tomcat include script?

I do not want to see optional tasks in distribution cause it may starts
new bad habbit to distribute a huge bundle of additional stuff with the
I beleive that better solution is to allow user to download and setup them
manualy. And what do you think about installer with upgarade and new
tasks searching? It maybe simple Swing tool with ability to find and
download updates and new inforamtion from the ANT web site, as well
as provide simple configuring abilities. This tool could push forward
optional tasks development process standartization (physical location,
installation on client machine, optional task description and
If anyone has thoughts about this - let me know.


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