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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: When are you guys going to slow down ;-)
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 14:04:06 GMT
My list

1. New versions of bootstrap/build/ant (I have the NT version just about
done - Unix soon)
2. ejb task for WL 5.1
3. documentation for optional.ejb tasks
4. VSS task if Stefan doesn't get there first
5. Better win98 support

I'd like to get the async task operation in there as well but I guess it can
wait till after we have a release.

I suggest we go for a release candidate after this coming weekend. (If we
choose a US timezone, that gives me an extra day :-)


> On my list:
> * A simple helper class for enumerated attributes (simple, could be
> commited rather soon).
> * My DTD printing task (current idea for a name antstructure - too
> ugly?). This one is ready to be commited - sort of.
> * Glenn's patch to make the file attribute of Property more convenient
> (will need to look closer at it).
> Than I'd like to integrate Tom's stuff, as well as the contributed VSS
> and EJB tasks (but I'd prefer Conor to take on the latter and anybody
> more Windows savvy than me on the first).
> Nothing of these should hold back a release, though.
> Stefan

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