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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: self modifying jar?
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 19:09:58 GMT wrote:
> Thinking about this, the issue is that the
> build.xml chooses to place this one file (ant.jar) into a special place;
> all other build outputs are placed into a separate build directory.  My
> preference is that this be changed - and have everything placed in the
> build directory.  If users want to actually run from this, that should be a
> separate, overt, install step.
> Thoughts?

I agree. Ant should build Ant just like anything else, creating it's
output like anything else. Tben, if you want to run Ant from the
new Jar, just install it. In fact, if you re-make Ant frequently,
add a target that uses the exec command to back up the Ant.jar
currently in use, copy over the newly generated jar. Then, if
something is sour with the new jar, you can recover by copying
the backup ant.jar over the (bad) new ant.jar.


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