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From Thomas Haas <>
Subject update
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2000 19:27:39 GMT

Finally I had a closer look at and got rid of some stuff.
Thanks to Conor and Stephan for pointing at the problems.


   * Remove inner class PathElement (there was really no use for it
   * Simplyfied translatePath method. DOS path detection changes:
     detection is only done, when PathSeparator is ";". It only checks
     for the second character being ":".
   * New translateFile method

The Path class shall be used to represent path like strutuctures in Ant.
A path is a list of elements. Each element is a file or a directory. It
can be used to define CLASSPATH or PATH.

Prior to committing, we should decide on the translatePath
method, as there is another in Project. No matter where the methods go,
they should be accessible without a reference to Project, as this was my
problem and reason to redo translatePath as static method in Path.
May the functionality could be placed in a object of its own. Maybe even
in a way to allow people to replace the implementation of
translateFile/Path with their own.

- tom

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