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From Kevin Toomey <>
Subject Does Ant (task javac) search CLASSPATH?
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 21:16:29 GMT
I'm a new user of Ant and have a question.

Does the javac task work the same way as the JDK's
javac command? If it tries to compile which
references class B, and B.class doesn't exist, will it
 traverse the entire CLASSPATH, looking for,
compile it, and then compile

I installed Ant from on Windows NT,
and it's not doing that for me. 

My environment looks like this:
| dir1 |
___|____                        ____|___
| dir2 |                        | dir3 |
--------                        --------
   |                                | dir2)  dir3)

My classpath contains dir1.

An "import dir3.B" statement in fails.

Thanks for any help.


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