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From Mariusz Nowostawski <>
Subject Matching tasks look&feel?
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 23:40:44 GMT

So what is eventually agreed for all matching tasks to look like?

We have two cases:

a) task takes a single file (or directory) as an argument, 
   and the user wants to specify it directly.
b) the task takes a list of files which is build from a directory and
   constrained by include/exclude pattern.

Thus we have two major options:
1. "Strict-typing"  
 a)  <task file="file.dat" .... />
 b)  <task dir="dir" .... includes="*.dat" />

2. "Dynamic-typing"
 a)  <task src="file.dat" .... />   
 b)  <task src="dir" .... includes="*.dat" />

It is obvious that for 1. any of the below does not make sense,
and need to throw a build exception (i would think):
  <task file="dir" .... includes="*.dat" />
  <task file="file.dat" .... includes="*.dat" />
  <task dir="file.dat" .... />

Any other options? 
I do not have very strong opinion about it, however I like 2. a little
more.. if people are more into explicit things, 1. is fine with me as
well...   but I suggest we agree on one, and make all tasks uniform ;o)


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