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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: A question about "available" and doing conditionals in abuild xml file.
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 16:29:34 GMT
Thanks, I've got a variation of this that
works great. I appreciate your advise. I've
also learned more about the general state
of 'Ant' from the followups, and I appreciate
those as well.

Just FYI, what I did was this - when I do 
the 'clean' target, I use "exec touch"
to create a file called "need.idl.made". Then,
I can use the available property to control
the idl2java target. That target runs if
"need.idl.made" is present. Within the idl2java
target I use the delete task to remove "need.idl.made"
and so the next time I compile, the idl2java step
is skipped. This way, I only needed one target to
set the property, and didn't need the custom task
to set a second property based on the first property. wrote:
> There is a pretty easy way around your problem if you are willing to create
> more targets in your build, use a custom task, and use the "if" attribute
> of the target.

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