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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: a question about the jar task and the javac task...
Date Mon, 15 May 2000 14:00:33 GMT

Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> >>>>> "KW" == Ken Wood <> writes:
>  KW> As for the compressed/uncompressed, well, yes, I would like such
>  KW> a patch, although if it's going to be in the product pretty soon,
>  KW> I could wait.
> As I'm not a commiter the functionality doesn't have to show up in the
> distribution at all - even if I sent a patch here.
> If this one is really causing a problem for you (I've never had any
> problems with Ant generated JAR files using Blackdown's JDK 1.1.7v3 on
> Linux) and you don't want to "fix" it yourself I can provide you with
> the changes needed.

Well, since you pointed me to the right place, I could probably fix
it myself. Problem is, if we decide to adopt this for all our
builds, then I don't want to be in a mode of maintaining local
changes to software unless it becomes critical... We release our
software on multiple OS's (solaris, hpux, aix, NT, etc, etc) so
we have to hit the lowest common demoninator in terms of runtime

Thanks again for your feedback.


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