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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: How to participate?
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2000 03:57:51 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Robin Green []
> >I found the similar library on:
> >
> >May be it will be interesting for you.
> Alphaworks software is normally time-limited or evaluation only AFAIK.

I wrote something which sounds very similar. I am happy to donate the source
to Apache if it would be useful (there is a lot of it). one thing I used it
for was to 'repackage' a 1.2 class file to work with 1.1 Collection package

> >Yes, but parsing is too slow (1),
> I disagree. I think the process will be disc-bound as I said above, so the
> speed of the filesystem interaction will be the key factor, not the speed
> the parsing.

Well, I don't think performance is a great issue here anyway. In general,
however, a parser is much harder to develop than a class file analyser,

> Example: contains
> if (Constants.DEBUG) logger.println ("done it");
> Now if this line is optimised away by the compiler, and then only
> the file
> is changed, you will not necessarily be able to tell from
> looking at A.class that depends on Constants, because
> there might be
> no reference to Constants at all in A.class.

I take your point about these sort of dependencies which might me optimised
out. Are we sure that such optimisations are allowed? As I read it they are
discouraged in the Language spec

   "In general we suggest that Java implementations use
    late-bound (run-time) code generation and optimization."

Other than these case, however, I think the class file may be a better
indication of true dependencies than the source code.


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