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From "Kuiper, Arnout" <>
Subject RE: Ant Principles
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2000 22:07:15 GMT
> cool. I think I was more concerned with being able to 
> distribute groups of
> tasks, as opposed to to loading groups of tasks. ie I didn't 
> want to have
> to the zip task and the unzip task in separate jars. I also 
> liked the idea
> of using different classloaders per module, to avoid conflicts between
> different versions of the same class.
> We can remove a layer of abstraction, however, if we say that 
> the module
> name is the same as the jar name, and that any other jars 
> that it depends
> on (tools.jar or junit.jar, say) belong in the classpath. So 
> the following
> line...
> <load module="cvs"/>
> ...would cause ant to look for a cvs.jar file (or cvs.tsk file), which
> would get loaded in its own classloader. Ant would then read the
> "" file from the jar, which would map tasks names to
> classnames...

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