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Subject Re: Release plan
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2000 18:54:06 GMT

Scott M Stark wrote:
>I'll volunteer, but first let me ask a question about exactly what the
scope of Ant
>is supposed to be. Let me put this question in the context of a recent
>to Ant porting effort. The one target type that I could not port to Ant
>extensive custom taskdefs was the ability to define a jar of classes
target in terms of
>its source dependencies. This turns out to be nontrivial because of inner
>rmi stubs, source generated from JavaCC grammars, etc.
>I was able define a scheme that handled all these issues using gnumake
>rules and its internal functions. Its complicated and fragile however. I'm
not saying
>Ant should or should not support this type of target at its core. I'm
asking what the
>scope of the core Ant functionality should be.

I'd really like to resist having "gnumake pattern rules and its internal
functions" as a core part of Ant.  Much the same way that I don't want
JavaScript or Perl to be part of the core.

But I would have no problem with a taskdef that implemented or interfaced
to an external language.  Such a task could even interact with the "DOM"
for Ant, and thereby interact with other tasks.

Does this help?

- Sam Ruby

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