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From Thomas Haas <>
Subject Re: Release plan
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2000 06:58:23 GMT wrote:

> - Restructuring of the "core" tasks so that they are more useful as
> building blocks (example: the exec task)

I especially welcome that one, as I spent quite some time on trying to reuse
stuff to create new tasks for my own use. I beleive the core shoulc mainly
consist of components offering matching files, copying files, translating files
(this is copy and modify) and spawning processes and executing a java class.
These components are not ANT tasks themselves, only "building blocks", which
can be used to create the various tasks needed.
(Somehow like the stuff I submitted lately.)

In addition offer core tasks implemented using the components mentioned above.
Of course I am volunteering for all this.

> - Enabling the construction of building blocks in XML for build processes.
> The jakarta-taglibs project is an example of a family of components with a
> fairly uniform build process for each.  It would be nice if this uniform
> build process were defined in one place, and the individual build.xml's
> could contain only the unique information about the subsystem.

Sounds great - without exactly what you mean.

- tom

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