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From Serge Knystautas <>
Subject Re: Code obfuscation taskdef
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2000 16:47:45 GMT
Robin Green wrote:
> Hi Serge!
> I recognise your name - you're one of the coders of Town, aren't you. Small
> world! :)
Yeah... Town.  Hopefully we'll finally publish Apache James (java mail
server) this week... trying to do my part for open source. :)

> >Also, are there other code obfuscators (preferably open source) that
> >people here would recommend?  I think this tool would be very useful for
> >people using Ant to generate applets.  Thanks.
> Hmmm... Open source obfuscators, what a strange concept! It's not
> self-contradictory, but it's a very odd combination.
> I've done a big clean up of the Open Directory's Java categories at
> and I could only find a few obfuscators, and none of them were open source:

I did a bit of digging and was able to find an old LGPL obfuscator.  My
interest in the obfuscation is not really to prevent decompilers from
working (although that could be useful for commercial projects I
suppose), but more just to shrink code size and remove unnecessary

The LGPL one I did find was Hashjava, which is an old version of a now
commercial obfuscator (commercial version is "Obfuscator" by
SourceGuard).  I know I could link in whatever library in theory, but in
my mind if we can use an open source one that can get bundled into the
ant distribution, that'd be cool.

I'll keep looking for obfuscators and if anybody else knows of any, I'd
appreciate hearing about it. ;)


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