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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: I want to become an Ant developer
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2000 11:09:23 GMT
James Duncan Davidson wrote:
> > Everyone sees the potential of Ant to become a pearl, one that will be
> > polished smooth by the application of small amounts of friction over a
> long
> > period of time.
> Actually, the way that it is going, I see it becoming a perl. Able to do too
> damn much any which way from Tuesday. Something for everyone, but with build
> files that are too cluttered to read by anybody.

I understand your frustration but I disagree with what you said.... I
created many of the tweaks that make the Cocoon build.xml file hard to
understand.... and I know that. But, man, this was driven by need and
nobody was here to propose anything better so I coded it... since the
addiction s were quite general and useful, I thought others could
benefit from it.

also, I'm scared to death about placing scripting inside ant... but Sam
made it a task, so the core simplicity is preserved. You can build your
own simple ant build files and let others do the complex things, if they

True, there are many improvements to be done, a refactoring of the core
could be nice, but evolutionary processes (once again) are much better
for a need-driven open project.James Duncan Davidson wrote:

> > maybe I just need to unsubscribe from this project... I'm not being of
> > any help.
> You and me both. Even though I started this, and have threatened to jump
> back in the fold, I've been too damn busy to code anything. :( And it's not
> going to change for a while.

Same here... I'm going to unsubscribe from this project because I
already have everything I possibly need out of Ant and I have less and
less bandwidth to share (I'm also leaving the Cocoon2 project
coordinator role to Pier)...

but I'm leaving with a different feeling, that Sam knows what he's doing
and understands our concerns. True, we could find out that "make"
started awesome and became a nightmare because of that: continuous
functionality addictions.. but Ant is OOP, make is not. Dynamic linking,
instrospections and polymorphism is something that allows us to preserve
the core.

Actually, I consider more dangerous the "init" target than the <script>
task, because the first changed the core, the second did not.

Also, the need for elements inside task-elements is _very_ needed...
this is something I totally agree with and make Ant much more portable
and easier to "GUI-fy" (the Forte module is pretty cool even if throws
NPE on the cocoon build.xml)

So, anyway, I'm leaving but I'm not leaving because I'm unhappy, rather
the opposite....

just, please, keep me informed if you guys do some back-incompatible
changes so that I can fix the cocoon stuff.

Take care.

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