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From Stefan Arentz <>
Subject Re: problem with JARing an EJB
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 18:20:35 GMT
On Thu, Apr 13, 2000 at 10:28:56AM -0700, Michael McCune wrote:
> So is the Customer EJB in the "cmp" package?  I use ant to build EJB jar
> files as well (for weblogic) and had to do some trickery to maintain the
> package structure.
> If the Customer EJB is in the cmp package, (similar situation that I have as
> well), you need to make sure that your JAR file mimics this package
> structure, with the Customer*.class files being in the cmp directory.
> I guess my question would be, what do you want your Jar file to look like?
> The first case you describe, or the second?

I want to get rid of the empty META-INF directories because it confuses
Sun's J2EE reference implementation.

But there are more poblems, I also work with Inprise, and that needs some
other tools (java2iip) to be run in the build proces. I'll dive into this
and see if I can write some code for Ant to support this.

Ant has a lot of potential. It does most of what my Perl based scripts
do ...  see for an example
of my 'configuration' for a simple bean. This is used to compile the
bean sources, create the correct deploymnt xml files and jar the whole
thing into a .war of .jar.


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