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From Matthew L Daniel <>
Subject [PATCH] JavaDoc -group broken (1.7)
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2000 22:19:25 GMT
I am using the CVS builds (whenever I think to update my system - damn
NT box) and I found a little gotcha.  I used the group attribute of
JavaDoc because I like it, but everytime I would re-ant my docs, it
would leave out one of my packages.  Removing the group attribute caused
the package to reappear.  So, a little -verbose (like this message) and
I saw that group was being called with {-group "true"}, which is
not right because group expects two params.

My patch recognizes the syntax 

group="Group Name,*,*"

	and converts it to the syntax

-group "Group name" "**"

	and, as a side effect, will still use the old format where


	will result in

-group "" ""

  -- /v\atthew
Matthew L Daniel                I amuse myself by installing multiple
Internet Developer,             software packages on my computer and
Still Current Development, Inc. then watch them try to kill each other.               -- David Fiedler

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