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From "James Duncan Davidson" <>
Subject Re: I want to become an Ant developer
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2000 01:33:16 GMT
> I understand your frustration but I disagree with what you said.... I
> created many of the tweaks that make the Cocoon build.xml file hard to
> understand.... and I know that. But, man, this was driven by need and
> nobody was here to propose anything better so I coded it... since the
> addiction s were quite general and useful, I thought others could
> benefit from it.

Yeah, I know.. If you need it make it, and then figure it out later. I
understand that this is the way the world works. And instead of whining
about it, I'm working on some stuff, a design doc first of all.

> also, I'm scared to death about placing scripting inside ant... but Sam
> made it a task, so the core simplicity is preserved. You can build your
> own simple ant build files and let others do the complex things, if they
> care.

By making it a task, I'm cool with scripting. Now, obviously, if you have
scripting, you need to have a good model of the overall internals of the
project exposed to that scripting... But I leave that part in Sam's capable
hands. As long as you see the object tree of project/target/task then I'm

> Also, the need for elements inside task-elements is _very_ needed...
> this is something I totally agree with and make Ant much more portable
> and easier to "GUI-fy" (the Forte module is pretty cool even if throws
> NPE on the cocoon build.xml)

Yep. We need to have a good answer for how things underneath the
project/target/task hiearchy are represented in the XML.


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