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From "Scott M Stark" <>
Subject Re: Release plan
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2000 17:20:44 GMT

> Suggestions?  Volunteers?
> - Sam Ruby

I'll volunteer, but first let me ask a question about exactly what the scope of Ant
is supposed to be. Let me put this question in the context of a recent gnumake
to Ant porting effort. The one target type that I could not port to Ant without
extensive custom taskdefs was the ability to define a jar of classes target in terms of
its source dependencies. This turns out to be nontrivial because of inner classes,
rmi stubs, source generated from JavaCC grammars, etc.

I was able define a scheme that handled all these issues using gnumake pattern
rules and its internal functions. Its complicated and fragile however. I'm not saying
Ant should or should not support this type of target at its core. I'm asking what the
scope of the core Ant functionality should be.


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