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From "Vitaly Stulsky" <>
Subject May be a routine question, may be not.
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2000 09:00:19 GMT
Hi All!

I've joined the mailing list and already have a couple of questions about
At first I wish to thank everybody who took part in development and
this extremely good tool.
Now to the questions:
My project (for large company) consist of 3 independent applications.
This applications use the same root packages (com.companyname.*). Also
there are a lot of reusable packages, which is used by different projects.
According to this I found three possibilities to make my project:
a) Run Javac once to make all tree projects and then add to apropriate
project jar file
only classes it needs.
b) Run Javac as many times as many packages in appropriate project.
c) Extend Javac {srcdir} tag to support multiple dir names.

I reject the first two cases cause it makes my Ant makefile unsupportable.
When I started to extend javac tag I noticed  that it is the problems in
between directories for compilation (enumeration of java files to compile)
-sourcepath javac parameter. For example: I wish to run javac something like
javac -sourcepath "./src" -d "built" src/com/mycompany/package1/*.java
This is the simplest case cause an ideal implementation has to enumerate
files from
different (not all) packages under com/mycompany and compile them with one
javac call.

With this  assumptions I extend javac tag with <sourcepath="">. Also I
extend the srcdir tag
to support multiple directory names (separated by ";").
Now eveything works OK.

What do you think about this practice?
Can you suggest other ways of this problem solution?

Also I have proposition:
What about plugins for IDL compilers, and CORBA related tools  from other
For example JavaORB idl compiler uses JavaORB.compiler.IdlCompiler class.
Now to extend Ant necessary edit taskdef/ from jar file
and then
pack it back to the same location. May be will be better
for this
purposes? If someone interested in this extestions I can develop tags for
known ORBs,
or may be this tags already developed?

Best Regards,
Vitaly Stulsky.

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