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Subject Re: Entities & Properties etc
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2000 22:20:08 GMT
I'm still really new at XML, so forgive me if this is a stupid suggestion:

For entities defined 'externally', e.g. -Dname=value, is it possible for
ant to create an XML document to be used in entity resolution and add those
entities as external to the build document at runtime?

This seems to solve that small problem. I'd much rather stick to entities
for constants, to keep standard XML practices. Is there anything from
stopping that being made as a general recommendation in the docs?

dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting
----- Forwarded by dIon Gillard/Multitask Consulting/AU on 06/03/2000 09:16
Re: What flavour of scripting? wrote:
> > > What about this - we remove ${foo} and properties. Use &entity; which
is a
> > > standard XML construct and defined by W3C.
> >
> > That's one thing I wanted to change in "my" ant... Why properties when
> > entities are soooo much nicer??? :)
> Yes, that's what I want too - I said that 3-4 times during this thread
> it seems there is too much noise. I'm glad I'm not alone !

Heheheheh :)

> The only problem used to be that you can't have &java.home; or define new
> entities with -Danme=value using normal DOM ( AFAIK ). With SAX is
> - DocumentHandler can resolve entities to anything.

Nope... There's no standard way for resolving entity references outside
the scope of the parser. Do remember that the EntityResolver interface
does not resolve entity references, but entities themselves, translating
Public+System IDs into InputSources.

Probably it's better to stick with the current stuff...


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