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Subject Re: Optional taskdefs and providing additional params to Taskdefs
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2000 11:45:52 GMT

Kevin A Burton wrote:
> - We need to agree on a way to except optional taskdefs like the
> recent xslt task.
> I propose we place them in a
> package.  We really need to keep everything together in one place.
> Thoughts?  I would really like to get this straightened out.

Nike slogan: Just do it.  Any pure addition, like XSLT, can be moved,
deleted, or fixed later without harming anybody who doesn't use it.

> - We need to provide additional information to Taskdefs
> What I want to do is this:
> <xslt ...>
>    <parameter name="test1" value="test1"/>
>    <parameter name="test2" value="test2"/>
> </xslt>

Try adding a "public Object createParameter()" method on xslt.  The object
it returns need not be a task, but does need to support name and value as
bean properties.  Take a look at MatchingTask for a working example.

- Sam Ruby

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