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Subject Re: conditional build
Date Sun, 12 Mar 2000 12:38:09 GMT

Edwin Park wrote:
>Can ANT be used to build targets depending on the value of a particular
>property?  For instance, I would like to have different build behavior
>depending on the value of the java.specification.version property.

Be patient with us on this issue.

I believe that everyone here agrees that that is a valid requirement, but
there is honest disagreement as to how to address it.  Nobody wants Ant to
become a general purpose programming language or approach the complexity of
make.  At the moment, we are in essense observing a "cease fire" on this
issue - but expect festivities to resume shortly.

For my part, I would like to be able to see the equivalent of DHTML's:

   <script language="your_favorite_language"> your_code_here </script>

Furthermore, I'd like to see a few more XML entities and/or attributes so
that the more common requirements could be handled without the need to
resort to this.

For now, you can get a close approximation to what you desire with the

   <available property="jdk11" classname="java.lang.Void">
   <available property="jdk12" classname="java.lang.ThreadLocal">
   <available property="jdk13" classname="java.lang.StrictMath">

Note that the property "jdk12" in this case actually means "jdk12 or

- Sam Ruby

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