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From "Twiggs, Glenn" <>
Subject RE: Unbundling copying support files from the javac task
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2000 22:06:14 GMT
The "copying support files" feature is one of the selling-points of ANT (at
least for me), that I don't need to know all the details about setting up
the "classes" directory. I like that "javac" is totally self-contained. Is
there a situation where you would want to compile classes but not copy over
the .properties file(s) used by those classes?


From: Kuiper, Arnout []

> From: []
> What I would like to propose is that the function to copy 
> support files be
> removed from javac.  People who desire the current level of 
> functionallity
> could simply add a
>    <copydir excludes="**/*.java">
> task to their build.xml files

+1 for me!


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