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From (Patrick Chanezon)
Subject [PATCH]: enhanced javadoc task
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2000 03:11:43 GMT
Hi ant users and developers,

I enhanced the javadoc task in order to make full use of some javadoc
features as descibed in

which means:
* support for multiple link options
* support for multiple group options
* support for the @ argument

 - link and linkoffline: you can now list more than one -link option,
using a ; separator in your link tag to separate the different lines
that will be generated
 - group: same remark, you can now list more than one -group option,
using a ; separator in your group tag. arguments are
 - group: the syntax is "-group  groupheading
 - the COMMAND LINE ARGUMENT FILE syntax: javadoc -d apidocs @packages
is now supported with the packagelist
tag this is how these options can be used in a build.xml file:

    <javadoc sourcepath="${src.dir}"
             windowtitle="${Name} API"
             bottom="Copyright &#169; 2000 Apache Software Foundation.
All Rights Reserved."


             group="Ant Tools Packages;;Ant Task

I also attach a modified version of build.xml for ant and
packagelist.txt (you should put it in src/etc)
try ant javadocs on your ant tree with the patch and these 2 files, to
see the result.
And let me know if you like the separator syntax: allowing 2 attributes
with the same name would maybe be a better option, and an xml element
for groups, with 2 attributes. It would be more readable. If you prefer
this just let me know so that I can implement it.

I hope you'll like the improvement


Patrick Chanezon, Vortex - Portal/EServices Technical Lead
Netscape Communications Corp. -
Opinions are my own.

"Ouais, n'empêche qu'à la retraite de Russie, c'est les mecs qu'étaient
à la traîne qu'ont été repassés..." - Michel Audiard - Les Tontons

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