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From Sebastian Kanthak <>
Subject RE: Changing Compiler
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2000 18:30:22 GMT

Hi William!

I wrote the jikes patch so here are some comments from me:

> 2) I changed the catch block in the compile method of to at least
> print out a message if Jikes can't be executed.

Sounds good. Post it as a patch to this list, so that it can be

> 3) I couldn't see any way of passing the path to the jikes compiler to ant
> (maybe I was missing something?) so I made a small change to to
> pick this up from a system property. (I don't believe the Java exec() method
> that is used to call jikes looks at the PATH variable so I don't think
> setting this would help).

Well, at least on my system (linux, jdk1.1) it uses the PATH variable,
but an optional property seems to be a good idea. Again, please post
the patch.

> 4) On the project I am working on we are using an old version of Jikes
> (0.47). This version doesn't understand the -Xstdout option and apparently
> sends all its output to stdout anyway - so I removed the -Xstdout option
> from

Attention, this is problematic. Newer version of jikes (I'm using
1.10) *will* send some messages to STDERR, so this options must be set
when using this version (this is probably why IBM has added it). I
think we would need some way to autodetect, whether to use this option
or not. Perhaps I should try to call jikes with "-Xstdout" and drop
this option when I get an exception. Any suggestions on that?

ciao Sebastian

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Sebastian Kanthak	|

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