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Subject Re: Javadoc problems : some findings
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2000 12:16:35 GMT

David Bullock wrote:
> For my $0.01 as a non-contributer (so far) to the ANT project, I'd really
> encourage you guys to do this...ANT is important enough to be its own
project, and
> there is next to nothing about it in most search engines.  It deserves
its own
> place on the site.

It *will* happen.  The question is when.  And do you care enough to

For my part, I've updated that Tomcat build to rely on finding ant in its
new location.  I've even made some minor changes to the cocoon build
instructions to reflect this.  I plan to do the next step of removing ant
from jakarta-tools over the next two weeks.  The problem I have (and one
that I wish on everybody) is that I have so many things that I _want_ to do
(notice I said want to do, not have to do), then I could ever have possibly

You don't need any one's permission to make a contribution.  Write up the
text you would like to see on the Jakarta site in html format.  Then post
it here, attach it to an e-mail to one or more of us, or put it on your own
site.  It does _not_ have to be perfect or anything near it - all it has to
be is an improvement over what we have now (which is essentially nothing).
As long as it is a step forward, and we have your permission to include it
on the jakarta-site, there are several people who will immediately jump at
the chance to incorporate it.

And if you are even contemplating the thought of contributing on a more
regular basis, then it is a great way to get started.

- Sam Ruby

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