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From Rajiv Mordani <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/lib xml.jar
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2000 22:32:36 GMT wrote:
> Rajiv Mordani wrote:
> >
> > Now that we have JAXP out why not have ant use that. Then people can use
> > whichever parser they want.. I am willing to do that.. Pier has already
> > implemented it for xerces...
> >From
>    Please read the License Agreement that applies to this software.
>    Commercial use of this software is currently not permitted. The APIs are
>    experimental and subject to change.

Yes that is EA1. The new release with a MUCH more relaxed license will be
out **real** soon.. Wait for a couple of days..

> The problem with ProjectX is that it isn't open source.  Replacing it with
> something else that isn't open source (even if it allows us to plug in
> other open source projects) doesn't solve the problem.

Well I know what Pier  will say at this point if I say it is supposed to be
donated to apache so I will not mention that again but that isn't in my
hands Pier...

> What I would suggest is that we replace xml.jar with one based on a
> suitable subset of xerces.jar.  At the same time we replace the logic in
> which currently looks for a properties file to
> attempt to dynamically load JAXP.  If that is not found, we default to
> xerces.

> At the moment, Tomcat depends on the same xml.jar, so these changes need to
> be coordinated across the two projects.

Well I have the changes for Ant to use JAXP.. Will be looking into tomcat and 
then we should be fine to replace the xml.jar with jaxp. 

- Rajiv

> - Sam Ruby

  UNIX _is_ user friendly, 
  he's just very picky about who his friends are.

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