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From Erik Meade <>
Subject Re: Proposal: XML output from ant tasks
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2000 03:59:32 GMT
Yes.  This is just the kind of stuff I would like to be able to log so I
can generate some measurements for myself.  I was just planning
on parsing it out from a file, xml would help there!

Erik Meade

At 11:54 AM 2/23/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Right now ant has a very nice file format and works great, but if you
>build a large project you'll probably get a lot of messages - some of them
>are warnings ( deprecated methods ), some are important info ( time to
>build, non-critical failures ).
>Also, with conditional compilation we will have some very important
>messages describing what was actualy build into the dist.
>The problem is that it takes time to extract the information, and it is
>hard to automate it. 
>One possible solution is ( guess what? ) xml. If we convert all logs to
>display well-formed XML it will be easy to post-process the results 
>and even have a nice format.
>The price is not big - the output will still be readable.  It can be an
>incremental job, with log() changed to wrap everything in a generic
><log:ant > tag with the source and level, and then we can add format to
>the most important messages ( like deprecations, not-fatal warnings,
>conditional compilations, etc).
>What do you think? 

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