1) It seems from recent messages (please correct me here) that the scanning is to be added into individual tasks. I would much prefer the scanning is either added to the Project or ProjectHelper class, or a new subclass of Task (DirectoryProcessingTask??) is introduced.

Why? Because when new taskdefs are created by other people, they will not inherit this behaviour, much as scanDir gets reimplemented in these tasks. As someone writing a Task, I'd have to implement (i.e. cut & paste) it myself...ick

2) The '**' bit. Explain to me again, why with * and ? I can't match whole directory trees, whereas with infozip I can...I'm not terribly convinced.

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RE: Any objections against advanced directory scanning?

I know it's a bit strange, but with only '*' and '?' you cannot match
whole directory trees, which is needed for Ant.
Users want to include/exclude parts of a directory tree in jar, javac, etc.
Therefore the strange '**' addition.

BTW1: You are not forced to use them. You can always stick to the old
BTW2: This will be thoroughly documented in the manual, so the users are not
     on their own.
BTW3: It's not that difficult as it seems (Using '**' for directories is
     actually the same as using '*' for characters, in file pattern).
BTW4: The default exclusions of the DesirableFilter are now used by default,
     so there is no need to include them (unless you turn them off;-)


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> Why is there this strange '**/*~' syntax?
> Using different syntax is asking for problems from users.
> bill

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