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From "Fillmore, Tom" <>
Subject Re: Allura - Docker install fails with 'ERROR: Error: image library/allura_web not found'
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2016 23:39:45 GMT
    Hi -

I decided to start over by creating a new VM from scratch (Ubuntu
14.04) so as to remove any unresolved issues from the previous attempt
that might cause problems.

Here are the steps I took...

Created VM - no problems
Updated system via apt-get update - no problems

As regular user:
     Downloaded Allura source via wget - no errors
     Expanded Allura source  - no errors

As root (sudo -u root bash):
     Installed Docker - no errors on install, no errors reported
by Docker after running 'hello-world'
     Installed Compose - no errors, it verified version 1.6

Following the docker pages, I added my user to the docker group,
logged out then in, then continued as that user
     Ran 'docker compose build' - no errors
     Ran 'docker-compose run web scripts/' - got
the following:

    sysadmin@allura:~/src/allura-1.3.2$ docker-compose run web
    Pulling mongo (mongo:2.6)...
    2.6: Pulling from library/mongo
    518dc1482465: Pull complete
    a3ed95caeb02: Pull complete
    2238b686f8a5: Pull complete
    a40b5452f5be: Pull complete
    e57c68263884: Pull complete
    e386f35ebcc7: Pull complete
    e7b7c19803e2: Pull complete
    93624850d4f1: Pull complete
    5b34a5344c6f: Pull complete
    03913f2c5b05: Pull complete
    Status: Downloaded newer image for mongo:2.6
    Creating allura132_mongo_1
    Pulling outmail (allura_web:latest)...
    Pulling repository
    ERROR: Error: image library/allura_web not found

Not sure what is going on, here, this is the same error as before.



Tom Fillmore

At Thursday, 02/11/2016 on 06:48 pm Dave Brondsema wrote:

    Hi Tom,

    Did the `docker-compose build` command run successfully before
it?  That
    should build the necessary images locally so that it doesn't
try to pull
    them from

    If you don't mind, can you add in your
reply, so
    that others can learn and help as well.  (Send a separate
email to if you want to join the list


    On 02/11/2016 05:44 PM, Fillmore, Tom wrote:
    > Hi, Dave -
    > Was following the instructions for Allura installation using
    > during this step
    >      'docker-compose run web scripts/'
    > It fails with this message then error:
    >      Pulling repository
    >      'ERROR: Error: image library/allura_web not found'
    > It seems the image does not exist, but I'm a Docker noob so
can't say
    > for sure.
    > Is there a fix for this?  I didn't see anything in the bugs.
    > Thanks!
    > Tom Fillmore
    > southern California

    Dave Brondsema : : personal : programming

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