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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: how to link a project svn code to an existing repository
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2014 21:52:28 GMT

In your .ini file (Allura/development.ini unless you've made a new one) there
are a few settings for this.  The first few are for how the "checkout" command
is *displayed* when your are browsing the repo through Allura: = http://svn.localhost$path/ = svn+ssh://localhost:8022/scm-repo$path/ = https://localhost:8022/scm-repo$path/ = https://localhost:8022/scm-repo$path/

You can put whatever URLs are appropriate for you, just want to keep the $path
variable in there somewhere.

There is a separate setting for where Allura accesses the repository on the
server side, to index it, to make new projects, etc:

scm.repos.root = /srv

Within this directory (wherever it is), Allura expects a directory structure
like "svn/p/myproject/myrepo".  So set up your folders and scm.repos.root
setting to match that.

On 10/20/14 3:29 AM, Martina Pasini wrote:
> I am sorry, I realized later I wasn't clear...
> I have an SVN repository associated with an https address, to which I can access
> through username and password in a browser, in visual studio, etc.
> I lost the allura project that was linked with it... I created a new project but
> I do not know how to associate the svn of the new project to the old repository
> which is not public (username and password)... I tried to remove the password,
> and in fact I could access it through the browser without any password, but when
> I have tried the "repository clone tool" I got the message invalid URL...
> besides, I do not want another repository... I would like to be linked with the
> old one...
> I have also tried to copy the db with the repository in the allura folder of my
> new project and I have set the uuid to be the same of the previous repository,
> but when I commit something (since I am committing to the https of the old
> repository) I can't see it in the new project...
> I need to understand how each allura project is linked to a particular svn
> repository to change that setting...
> Thank you very much again,
> Martina

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