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From Chris Riegel <>
Subject New Allura app
Date Wed, 01 May 2013 19:48:48 GMT

I want to develop a new Allura app, but I'm in need of just a little
direction to get off and running.

I've started from the ForgeLink app and cloned that into a template for my
new app.  However, after essentially modifying occurrences of "link" and
"Link" with another string the new app does not appear under the "Tools"
menu on the "Admin" screen.  What needs to be done to have the new app
added to the tools menu?

I thought I might have made a mistake somewhere in my cloning of the
ForgeLink app, so I also downloaded the ForgePastebin app from and
tried installing that by removing the "status='beta'" line in the
file, but I'm not able to see the Pastebin app on the Admin screen either.
Perhaps Pastebin doesn't have a configuration window on the Admin>Tools

Thanks for your help!

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