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From Cory Johns <>
Subject Re: allura email
Date Wed, 15 May 2013 17:17:09 GMT
The full exception should have been logged to allura.log, and it will also
be in the task result which can be accessed at
or by querying the task out of mongo directly with:
db.monq_task.findOne({_id: ObjectId('5193893b100d2b0628ad4fe0')}).result;

You can see in Allura/allura/lib/ that it just uses smtplib and
the TurboGears smtp_server / smtp_ssl settings, so you'll need to ensure
those are correct.  I would expect the vagrant image to have exim or such
running, but I'm not entirely certain.  Regardless, the full exception
should give more info.

As for the DNS error for receiving mail, the smtp_server command launches a
simple local SMTP server just for receiving email to Allura.  You can use
the steps at to confirm that
it's working.  Beyond that, you'll need to set up a wildcard DNS entry to
handle the subdomains, as well as either firewall port forwarding or SMTP
forwarding in your exim to direct the emails to the smtp_server command
running on the non-standard port.

Furthermore, the target email addresses are of the form
<target>@<mount_point>.<project>.<neighborhood>.host.tld (where <target>
depends on the specific tool).  The example on the Notes wiki page is which would start a new topic in the
forum at /p/test8/discussion/general.

On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 10:05 AM, Chris Riegel <> wrote:

> From a high level, what would be needed to get email working in allura?
> For example (sending email), when a user tries to claim an email address
> on their preferences page, I see the confirmation email and link to the
> confirmation url in allura.log but an there's an error message in taskd.log:
> Error on job <MonQTask 5193893b100d2b0628ad4fe0 (busy) P:10
> allura.tasks.mail_tasks.sendmail vagrant-ubuntu-precise-64 pid 1572
> project:None app:None user:root>, re-raising it
> I'm curious how this fit in with forgemail and lamson and what direction
> you think might be best to build this in to allura based on your lessons
> learned.  I'm expecting you have some external mechanism to facilitate this
> on
> Going the other way (receiving email), I've edited development.ini and
> updated smtp_server and smtp_port for my setup, confirmed that my port is
> open, executed "paster smtp_server ../../development.ini" in the
> allura/command directory, and tried sending email to blog@adobe.smtp_serverand wiki@adobe.smtp_server(where
smtp_server is what I placed in development.ini and the adobe
> neighborhood has wiki and blog apps).  However, the emails fail and get
> returned with DNS errors for domain not found, so I've been playing with my
> MX records, but those seem to be ok.  I'm just looking for confirmation
> that what I've done sounds like the correct process or if I've missed
> something on the server setup.
> Thanks!

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