One idea would be to use bash + inotifywait to watch /tmp/svn, and rename + symlink new repo directories to another location, and use that location as the SVNParentPath. I'm not totally sure it would work, but maybe worth a try?


On Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 2:58 AM, 王再國 wrote:

If all repos in the /tmp/svn then set SVNParentPath on /tmp/svn is ok.
But allura has three level neighborhood; project; repos.
SVNParentPath only support one level parent path. no recursive.
e.g. /p/allura/svn1, In apache conf, I only can seting to the allura project.


2013/4/16 王再國 <>
svn can set SVNParentPath for multiple repository.
But allura scm direcotry stucture is neighborhood/project/repos.
How to setting up svn apache & mod_dav_svn for allura svn folder.