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From Cliff Evans <>
Subject Installation complete; where next?
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2012 11:11:41 GMT
I'm probably missing something here, but after managing to get Allura installed in a VM I find
myself completely cast adrift as to where to go next.  I
 can see and play with the example projects which is fine, but the UI I'm presented with isn't
'functional' in any way that might be useful to begin to setup a new forge.  Where do I go

How do I change the UI to give access to such things as the creating a new project without
having to type the /p/add_project URL in manually?

Where can I find documentation about the structure of the code base? i.e. where are the templates
for the UI/themes etc.?

Is there a guide to next steps to make it useful?

Sorry if I have missed something in my reading but I've searched all of the
 pages of both the SF project, the project site, and the apache incubator along with the readme
type files in the code base and I'm no nearer to knowing
 where to start.

I'm guessing that the project isn't yet at the point where someone can download it and start
to customise it without digging into the source code; some
 pointers about where to start on that would be welcome too.  (Time to start
 learning Python!)

Kind Regards,


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