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From David Ventimiglia <dvent...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Empty workspaces
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2012 02:11:53 GMT
Abdera's on version 1.1.2 and going to 2.x.  I sort of thought it
would be out of Alpha or Beta stage by now, and would at least satisfy
the AtomPub spec.  Not that it necessarily doesn't, or if it doesn't
in 1.1.2, it won't in 2.x.  Just, my evidence so far seems to indicate
that that it throws an NPE when adopting the naive way (perhaps the
only way) to make a workspace that has no collections.

Attached is the shortest Abdera sever I could conjure, and it hardly
does anything.  What it does do is compile, and emit a bare-bones
service document without throwing an exception when you access the
service document URI (http://localhost:8080/).  Comment out line 61,
which adds the CollectionInfo to the workspace, however, and it throws
an NPE at org.apache.abdera.protocol.server.impl.DefaultWorkspaceManager.getCollectionAdapter(DefaultWorkspaceManager.java:42).
 Again, this is in 1.1.2, and I don't know how it behaves in the
latest from trunk.  A little later I'll see what it does in the


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