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From Nagesh Susarla <nag...@yahoo.com>
Subject i18n Template Neg operator impl
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2009 19:23:06 GMT


Firstly let me say that the URITemplate impl is great and works great for us. 
Recently I came across an issue with the -neg operator which seems to deviates from the spec.
The spec states the following: 


3.3.2.  The 'neg' operator

   If all of the variables are un-defined or empty then substitute the
   value of arg, otherwise substitute the empty string.

Template t = new Template("http://cnn.com/{-neg|all|foo,bar}";);
Map m = new HashMap();
m.put("foo", "value");
String out = t.expand(m);

out =>  http://cnn.com/all

Note that the output returns "all" inspite of one of the variables being declared. If I read
correctly, it should return "http://cnn.com" instead of "http://cnn.com/all" 
Can you please confirm that this is a bug or point me to the correct spec? 

After debugging this a bit, it looks like this can be fixed with the following diff  (I'm
looking at the sources from abdera-i18n-1.0-20090105.215721-1-sources.jar)

--- ./org/apache/abdera/i18n/templates/Operation.java    2008-12-19 12:54:26.000000000 -0800
+++ ./patch/Operation.java    2009-03-25 17:39:18.000000000 -0700
@@ -528,9 +528,9 @@
     public String evaluate(String var, String arg, Context context) {
       String[] vardefs = var.split("\\s*,\\s*");
       for (String v : vardefs) {
-        if (!isdefined(v,context)) return arg;
+        if (isdefined(v,context)) return null;
-      return null;
+      return arg;
     public void explain(String var, String arg, Appendable buf) throws IOException {
       buf.append("If [");

Let me know if you'd like me to file a bug.


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