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From Johnny Tolliver <tolli...@ornl.gov>
Subject Abdera's JSON conversion
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2009 15:33:02 GMT
Although it looks like this list has grown pretty cold, many thanks to  
Bryon and Charles for answering quickly my question about Abdera  
extensions a few weeks ago. That's now working perfectly for me, but I  
have another question now and thought I'd try going back to the well...

One of the extensions we're using is to add a "via" attribute to the  
category item. That's easy to do using the Abdera API as follows:

         Feed feed = abdera.newFeed ();
         Category cat = feed.addCategory (term_value);
         cat.setAttributeValue ("via", via_value);

When writing out the document in XML, it works perfectly. For example,  
two category items in XML might look like this:

<category term="4500" via="author" />
<category term="SonicNOAA" via="user" />

That's exactly what I need. But I now need to also provide the same  
Atom document as JSON instead of XML. Fortunately, Abdera includes a  
very nice JSON conversion that handles most extensions, particularly  
those with namespaces, well. But it seems to ignore added XML  
attributes. The Abdera-generated JSON for the same document that  
produced the XML above produces this in JSON:


I.e., the "via" attribute has been lost.

Since using Feed.writeTo() to generate XML produces the desired  
result, I have some confidence that my Atom document is in some sense  
"correct." When writing that same Atom document to JSON instead of XML  
loses the "via" attribute, it seems that the JSON writer is incomplete.

So I have three questions. 1) Is that something that could be fixed by  
using the current version of Abdera differently? 2) Is it something  
that could be fixed by hacking on the Abdera source?

And a more general question, 3) Just what is the status of Abdera? It  
looks like it got promoted to a top-level Apache project in November  
2008 and then froze at version 0.4. Is it progressing?

Johnny Tolliver

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