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From Chris K Wensel <ch...@wensel.net>
Subject Spring + FileSystemAdapters
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2009 15:04:28 GMT
Hey all

I'm spending a little time to get to know Abdera and was thinking for  
a simple setup I would use the FileSystemAdapters (before diving into  
the JCR rabbit hole).

But it seems they only work with a ManagedProvider.

But wanting a little flexibility without writing my own Provider  
class, I thought I would throw Spring in the mix.

But BasicProvider isn't so Spring friendly (doesn't accept "base" on  
the ctor). So I thought I would give the Spring friendly  
DefaultProvider a different "workspaceManager", namely BasicProvider  
(as it implements the proper interface).

But, it seems DefaultProvider has no setter for workspaceManager.

I've likely answered my own question, but seeing that the Spring  
support/schema allows for a fair bit of flexibility, I'm wondering  
maybe I missed something and I can convince a Spring configured Abdera  
to dynamically load FileSystemAdapters and I just haven't found the  
right voodoo.

am using abdera trunk, had same issues with 0.4.0-incubator.

I can write a sub-class that is Spring friendly, but if I can use  
Spring instead of custom code, that would be great.


Chris K Wensel

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