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From pdk <pdks...@gmail.com>
Subject Media entries and time elements
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2008 21:00:33 GMT
This isn't really a specific question about Abdera, but this is the
only place I know to have a discussion on Atom.

When a media object is updated, should any of the time fields in the
corresponding entry be updated?  Which ones?

The problem with updating the modified or edited time in the entry is
how do you distinguish modifications to the entry vs changes to the

The problem I'm trying to address is having a collection that contains
entries that correspond to various media files.  I have an client that
polls the collection's feed for media objects to process.  When the
raw media is processed, the client updates the summary portion in the
corresponding entry.  This, of course, causes the entry's modified
time to be updated.  The next poll of the feed with now include this
entry as it has been 'recently modified'.

One solution is for the client to parse the summary to see if its
already processed the object.  I wonder if there are other solutions?

Thanks for your time.  If there is a better place to post these types
of Atom specific questions, please let me know.


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