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From Craig McClanahan <craig...@gmail.com>
Subject Builder Pattern API Inconsistencies
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2008 18:06:11 GMT
I've been doing some playing around with the Abdera model APIs for Atom 
objects.  Most things seem to go pretty well, but I stumble a bit with 
some inconsistencies in trying to use "builder pattern" style calls to 
configure many aspects of the objects at once.

For example, let's set up a new o.a.a.model.Collection instance.  I'd 
like to be able to do something like this:

    Factory factory = Abdera.getInstance().getFactory();
    Collection customers = factory.newCollection()
      .setTitle("Customers List");

but this will fail, because setTitle (all the variants) returns a Text 
instead of the Collection you are manipulating, like all the other 
setXxx calls do.

There is similar inconsistency on Collection (and the pattern repeats 
itself with many of the other model objects) in the addXxx() methods.  
Consider the following APIs to add a Categories object to a Collection:

* addCategories() returns Categories

* addCategories(Categories categories) returns Collection

* addCategories(List<Category> categories, boolean fixed, String scheme) 
returns Categories

* addCategories(String href) returns Categories

For easiest possible builder pattern style development, it would be best 
if all these (except possibly the first one, but I wouldn't likely use 
that anyway) returned the Collection you were modifying.

Is there a reason I'm missing for the inconsistencies?


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