Not quite. Takasho's example is actually perfectly valid, just not typical. Using type="text/html" is fine, and when doing so, the value of the atom:content needs to be processable as that media type, meaning the tag is perfectly fine. When type="html", the value of the atom:content needs to be a fragment of HTML that is suitable for inclusion inside a div. There is no requirement that the first child be a div -- that's only for XHTML content. entry.setContent( "

full html doc

", "text/html"); entry.setContentAsHTML("html fragment"); The former comes out as: <html>...</html> The latter as: <i>html</i> <b>fragment</b> Both are perfectly valid Atom. - James Josh Peters wrote: > I'm new to Abdera, but I hope to add something to the mix. I have a > question about Takasho's question re: HTML. > > On Aug 21, 2007, at 9:15 AM, Takasho wrote: >> Is this the correct output from creating a HTML entry: > >> ---code--- > >> Entry entryHTML = factory.newEntry(); >> entryHTML.setId(""); >> entryHTML.setUpdated(new java.util.Date()); >> entryHTML.setTitle("Shiny HTML Entry"); >> entryHTML.setContent("

This is a full HTML >> document

", "text/html" ); >> entryHTML.addAuthor("Takasho"); >> entryHTML.addLink(""); >> feed.addEntry(entryHTML); > >> ---output--- > > I noticed that Takasho's example isn't correct Atom-wise, as the > @type should be "html" not "text/html" also, the first child > of it should be a div element, not a HTML html node. Is it in the scope > of Abdera to warn on such a thing? > > Hope it helps. > > Josh Peters > >